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Good Times - Taylor Steele 96

 Good Times

The best surfers and the best surfing. A two movie disc set. Starring: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Ross Williams, Taylor Knox, Chris Malloy, Benji Weatherly, Tim Curran, Justin Poston, Greg Browning, Joe Curren, Kalani Robb and Keith Malloy.
Featuring music by: Pennywise, Sprung Monkey, Bad Religion, Unwritten Law, Strung Out, 7 Seconds, Vandals, Rythm Collision, Blink-182, Sack Lunch, AFI, 98 Mute, 88 Finger Louie, Pivit. Locations: Reunion Island, France, Africa, Australia, California, Hawaii, Mexico.

Directed by Taylor Steele. Edited by Taylor Steele. Awards won: Best Performance by a Surfer (Surfer Mag 1997- Kelly Slater). The surfers in Taylor Steele's videos no longer have to worry about crushing the established hierarchy of surfing. They are the established hierarchy of surfing. This movie shows them at their best. - Surfer Magazine. Approx. 40 minutes.

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