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HEROES "All We Do is Surf"

HEROES 'All We Do is Surf'
the heroes are :

Name: Scott
Age: 17
Association with Waveriders: One of the two original members of the team. Produces and distributes the DVD's and VCD's as well as starring in the movie
Occupation: Mate i say again once this movie takes off we won't need no occupation.
Hobbies: Surfing, drinking, going to a good gym (King Club none of this fitness first stuff)
Favourite bands/artists: Metallica, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankheinrieter, anything that inspires me to surf.
Fav comedy act: Frantic Zed would have to take it again. Who do these guys think they are?
Fav thing to do: Go surfing, kick back in my pool, go to the gym, chill wit ash because shes a bit of alright and pretty much in that order.
Fav food: Lasagne, or my ultimate bacon cheese egg cheese bacon sanga or roll. Rolls probly better than the sanga.
Fav drink: Mate it might be from New Zealand but Steinlager are bloody great. or just pretty much any beer.
Idol: The greatest surfer of all time Kelly Slater, and the greatest athlete of all time of any sport Michael Jordan
What he'd be doing without waveriders: Probly gettin pissed or goin to the gym.
Best Move: Might be from Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer but definately the Coffin.
Quote: "Once we're grippin we'll be rippin"

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