Slates, the Ironses, Archie, Flea

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The Freedom

THE freedom surf

The Freedom Video (A Progression Film; 40 minutes)

Here’s the Pitch:There’s a whole lot of good surfers and amazing surf spots in this world, and we’re gonna give you a piece of them all.

Hollywood Connection:Forrest Gump: It’s surfing’s version of Forrest’s adventures going here, there and everywhere. Just lots of feel-good footage, many new faces and great sessions.

Best Actor: With so many surfers to choose from — it’s just too hard to pick. So it has to be Lower Trestles that wins this one. The ASP’s flawless September sessions at Lowers feature the premier SoCal pointbreak’s best performance on screen yet.

Supporting Cast: Slates, the Ironses, Archie, and Flea and more

Score: Blade 2 Soundtrack, Mad at Gravity, Slayer, Portishead

Thumbs Down: At several points throughout the video, the footage is intentionally grainy, foggy and jumpy. This effect, although used for aesthetic purposes, is more of an eyestrain than anything.

Thumbs Up: The fact that there is so many surfers featured in this 40 minute video, makes for an exciting, fast-paced surf flick. TFV successfully blends footage of the world’s best surfers with your local rippers and does it smoothly where other videos could become messy.

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