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Mislanded - The Air Disaster

 Mislanded - The Air Disaster
Who likes videos explosives, with strong images and the soundtrack is heavy to tie in the new production of Hollyweird, producer of the irreverent brand Weird.
According to the producers and Santiago Roig Etam Paese, Mislanded, The Air Disaster is a slap in the face of the sameness found in many movies available in the market and brings a lot of action, apart from a troubled world.

Mislanded The DVD is approximately 50 minutes, plus 30 minutes of extra images (bonus) - and promises to shock the public in 2006.

"On some releases in Brazil, the production came to be criticized by the images that show the first underground surf," says Roig, who also recommends that the video is not viewed by children under 18.

The film features experts in aerial maneuvers like Fabio Mr. Burns, Etam Paese, Rodrigo Generik, Heitor Alves, Marcelo Trekinho, and foreign and Joe Crimo and Christian Fletcher, a frenetic mix of disaster and tanning which includes scenes with beggars, festivals , airplane accident, among other oddities.

The soundtrack features bands like Motorhead, Alexisonfire, Silvestein among others.

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