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Sea Level Pressure

The major conflict that arises from our absolute need to surf every dayand how we as individuals in the water every day deal with this issue. "Sea Level Pressure" seeks to offer solutions through maintaining appreciation, perspective, focus and balance in our ever-growing world.

This documentary-style project features beautiful surfing footage from around the world and includes an awesome new discovery in Fiji. Featured surfers include Encinitas legends Linda Benson and John Peck, as well as surfing icons Dave Rastovich, Jeff Clark, Bernie Baker, Andrew Logreco and Bill Andrews.

It also shares perspectives and inspirations from the average surfer's point of view. Narrated by Kevin Naughton, "Sea Level Pressure" was produced by Encinitas locals Ty Ponder, Tom English and Scott Bass.

It is presented as a labor of love and a not-for-profit venture. All profits will go to Surf Aid International medical and tsunami relief efforts.

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