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The Ride: Back to the Soul of Surfing

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When cocky young haole surfing champion David Monroe wipes out on a big wave, he slips back in time to 1911 Hawaii. Washing up on Waikiki Beach, he discovers the true spirit of surfing when he is befriended by a young Hawaiian beachboy not yet known to the world - the future Olympic surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku. Once David develops feelings for the land and its people, falls in love with the beautiful and smart Lehua and learns the spirit of surfing, he changes and no longer desires to go back to his 21st century life. Wanting to avoid common Hollywood stereotypes and represent a Hawaii that locals would recognize in look, sound and spirit, writer/producer/director Nathan Kurosawa based his film on real people, filmed on location in Hawaii and carefully chose historical, cultural and surfing advisors. The Ride gracefully depicts Hawaiian values and traditions while affectionately telling the story of surfing's early days with an all Hawaiian cast and crew, liberal use of "pidgin" and local mannerisms. The young Duke Kahanamoku is played by Honolulu musician Sean Kaawa, whose tremendous screen presence and gentle dignified bearing bring the charismatic surfer to life. Weldon Kekauoha (award-winning Hawaiian musician) plays Blackie, one of the original Waikiki beachboys and Johann Bouit (former University of Hawaii football player) is Caps, one of Duke's closest friends. University of Hawaii dramatic-arts graduate Scot Davis plays David Monroe and model Mary Paalani is his love interest Lehua. Soundtrack provided by various Hawaiian artists including Keali'i Reichel, Hapa and Makaha Sons. Winner of the Hawaii Film Award and the Audience Award for Best Feature Film. Starring: Scot Davis, Sean Kaawa, Mary Paalani, Weldon Kekauoha, Johann Bouit, Wil Kahele

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